Ok, yes, we all heard the statistics released this week, more than 50% of US women ages 18-45 are not married. The highest ever…we are catching up Europe where weddings and the institution of marriage have been out of fashion for some time.
My UK attorney, likes to refer to the father of her grandchildren, her daughters partner, as her son out-of-law.

Today’s new wave of fewer weddings in the US has some obvious indicators like duh,we are in a recession. No doubt the birth rate will drop too…why in the last recession my husband was working in rehabilitation and he pointed out that people even had fewer strokes! For couples the housing crisis, high unemployment and the actual cost of a wedding is giving rise to delays. Yes, the flood of weddings we have seen in the last ten years was fueled by lines of credit and credit cards. So yes the numbers are down and anyone in this business will concur.

Kids at weddings were a “niche within a niche” and a small but worthwhile population for Paper Posie’s books and activity kits. And now they may have fallen off any brave bride and groom’s radar screen…or have they? Well I have pointed out before that when families gather they invariably have children with them…smaller family style weddings are children friendly so I am hoping that brides and grooms, the wedding party and even wedding coordinators do find our products. How charming so many say when they see the ways that children can be involved, happily and as quietly as possible!


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