Paper posie Knows That the Neat and Cool Things About Being a Flower Girl or Ring Bearer Can Also Be Scarey

Flower Girls picking up petals not scattering them! Ring Bearers running not walking down the aisle!  Almost daily we see little attendants and their sometimes hilarious efforts on YouTube!  With over two million weddings a year, as many as five million children will be flower girls, ring bearers, page boys and butterfly girls.  But being a young attendant can also be scarey and confusing not to mention nerve racking for parents and the bride and groom.
Children are naturally fidgety and energetic and being an attendant requires a lot of standing still and being quiet.  Although little kids add an adorable aspect to the event, involving them as attendants or guests can be a difficult choice.  If the happy couple does invite them, they risk noise and disruption and if they don’t include them, they face upsetting friends and family.
“Weddings are one time (so get it right) long drawn out affairs and brides, grooms and wedding planners are looking for child friendly resources.”, Alexa Allen reports, “They want a quick, non-messy diversion that can be produced instantly when melt down seems imminent!” author Penny Paine has created Love to Color A Wedding coloring book, mini Wedding activity kits and four books, 10 Neat Things About Being A Flower Girl and 10 Cool Things About Being A Ring Bearer, Flower Girl A to Z and Ring Bearer A to Z all designed to help children before and during the wedding.
“Children have always attended wedding ceremonies.” Paine explains, “They were thought to represent innocence, fertility, and good fortune.  They scattered grains and flowers at the ceremony and before we could write and record who married who they were the witnesses.”
Today there are lots of ways to help make the wedding day special for children from favorite “kids” food to activity tables and help with childcare.  With a renewed focus on family and community what better way is there than a wedding to celebrate and maintain our traditions.

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