a talk with the experts

As an author /designer and wedding industry supporter, I am sharing some of my guest interviews.   Alexa Allen:  Paper Posie’s very own CEO based in Boulder, a health conscious city and quite lovely when Spring arrives with glorious iris, peonies, poppies and hydrangeas to mention just a few flowers.  Alexa spends a lot of time with other young moms and business women and is involved with baby “green” products. Alexa has designed and built an environmentally friendly line of furniture for children.   When asked about the wedding markets she tells me that brides still leave things to the last minute and she gets overnight requests for product.  Well we know children are often an after thought…after all the day is about the bride and groom, but better an after thought than not at all!  Brides are definitely being more frugal and watching their expenses and they are much more interested in DIY.

Bonnie Yu, another colleague working in the fashion industry in product development is the bachelorette party expert of the moment! I asked her what brides were the most worried about regarding their upcoming big day? Bonnie says that the dress is first and foremost concern.   Every bride wants to look their most beautiful on the big day she says and the dress has to be perfect.  Second is probably weather because in so many places it can make or break the day!   When asked what she really enjoyed at the recent bachelorette parties and weekends she said that a really well planned itinerary and good restaurant choices with interesting and good food made a big difference.    If the group goes to a club, having bottle-service and VIP area is best.   Bonnie has traveled to several destination weddings abroad.  She said they offer a big perk for guests in giving them an excuse to make it a vacation and the destination can be and often is very romantic.  For the guests especially the party doesn’t have to end after only a few hours, you get to hang out with your friends for an extended period of time Of course I am always interested in thoughts and comments about kids at weddings!  Bonnie says she has no problem with involving children as long as the parents understand that the party can and probably will get noisy and involve drinking and dancing after all it is first and foremost a grown up event.  Parents need to be prepared and not to have any unrealistic expectations or disappointments.   Because Bonnie works in the fashion world I asked her what she thinks is becoming trendy. She says maybe sheer and short wedding dresses, lots of layers, open back, deep V’s, red carpet inspired wedding gowns, feathers and other designer inspired ornate trims and embellishments, bird-cage veils, vintage lace…ooohh…sounds wonderful… As far as décor Bonnie has noted that we are into soft, feminine, blush toned blooms, earth tones, and flower substitutes (ie succulents, herbs, branches, twigs)… and themed weddings.   More soon…I am off to London for a couple of months.   I always take some kids at weddings products with me just in case!  Cheers.


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