“can you believe it”

ActivityKits_girlI heard another “can you believe it” wedding story the other day.
A good friend shared that she was thrilled to be invited to a destination wedding in Italy. One of those once in a lifetime events for the guests as well as the happy couple and this was a no expense spared celebration.

Of course with this level of exquisiteness and planning the wedding invite did state no children but (remember some guests don’t read or don’t think it applies to them) a couple showed up with a baby. The baby was young and I know for many brides, especially those who have not had children, it is very hard to understand why this happens. Like why can’t they leave baby behind with a baby sitter? All I can say is yes but…and sometimes it is hard if not impossible to do.

In this case the baby was young and it was fussy, and my friend who is an understanding grandma, said that the frustration for her was not that the baby was fussy but that the new mother did not have the courtesy or sense to go out and move away from earshot. So the advice is that perhaps in this type of situation a little reminder for the mother and father should one show up plus child…a little permission as if you like might prevent the possible interruption. Remember the English officiant I mentioned in an earlier blog, the one that reminded everyone present that if needs be “Feel free to leave and take the child or children and feel free to come back if they are calmed down.”

For brides I might also suggest that they welcome a helper as a guest in the case of a very new mother, a nervous mother or perhaps one that has a child that cannot be left with someone? A helper or a parent. If this guest is or guests are special person (s) in your life this albeit generous offer and expense might be more than ok. I do know that some brides set up childcare with qualified sitters and this is great idea but consider this would the baby understand Italian and perhaps it has never actually been away from the parents, and so on. I was not a wealthy mom by any means but I did pay my teenage babysitters to come to events with me with permission from the event host first, of course. They were there to help me and to remove my child, watch and play with my child if needs be while I was participating and it was important that they be close by. I also did this because I think that children do need to learn how to be in company and to participate.

So once again, you heard it here, many children attend weddings…Paper Posie has quality products and books that help keep them occupied and creatively take the educational moment ! Check out the website www.kidsatweddings.combe prepared and have a happy wedding.


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