Miss Kitty

I went to visit Miss Kitty today, the Santa Barbara bride’s best friend. I say this because she will help brides and attendants look more shapely than they ever thought possible. Her Santa Barbara store Purrmission sells the very finest lingerie, and has just what is needed to tuck and lift both body and spirits. When it comes to fitting Miss Kitty is very skilled at getting it right or should I say “them” right and let’s face it whether you are the bride or the bride’s grandmother who couldn’t use a bit of reshaping!

“Brides,” Miss Kitty shared, raising her eyebrows, “tend to balk at spending money on foundation garments. They just don’t think they need it especially after they have blown the budget on the wedding dress. But it is the little details that are important.” We chatted about the best and the worst brides, attendants and those poor left out grooms and that the day really isn’t only about the bride? Or is it? Well, of course, it is a pretty special day, but I do agree that the little details are so very important for the bride and for everyone else at the wedding.

Many of the brides that I have talked to over the years have said things like, “If I could do it again I would have much better entertainment.” or “I should have hired a really experienced photographer!” or “I wish I had included a tradition that reflected my own heritage.” And so on. It is hard for brides to get their heads around what is needed because appearance dominates, it has to be top on the list because all eyes are on the bride.

“Brides are not able to think very well about all the other things that are happening on that day, and that everyone, not just themselves, needs to feel valued and have a good time” Miss Kitty explained. I had given Purmission some of the Paper Posie products in case she could interest local brides in the very cute wedding activity kits or coloring books. “They just don’t see why they should be getting a book for the flower girl or activity kits for little wedding guests!” She said, “And I tried!” We laughed and sighed because we have heard it all before whether it is the bra, the kids or the parking valets…they are not, and I repeat, not on the bride’s radar screen!

But we both have great services and products and hopefully the stores that sell the dresses to the brides and the moms, friends and consultants who help out with all the planning will remind them, the brides, that it is what is underneath that is important, and that children can run a muck if not catered to just a little bit! It is the little things for the wedding, that make a big, happily ever after, difference. That way Miss Kitty and the Purrmission staff and all of us at Paper Posie, will be able to do what we do best and then we guarantee that everything about the big day will be just fabulous!


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