Paper posie Knows That the Neat and Cool Things About Being a Flower Girl or Ring Bearer Can Also Be Scarey Flower Girls picking up petals not scattering them! Ring Bearers running not walking down the aisle!  Almost daily we see little attendants and their sometimes hilarious efforts on YouTube!  With over two million weddings […]

a talk with the experts

As an author /designer and wedding industry supporter, I am sharing some of my guest interviews.   Alexa Allen:  Paper Posie’s very own CEO based in Boulder, a health conscious city and quite lovely when Spring arrives with glorious iris, peonies, poppies and hydrangeas to mention just a few flowers.  Alexa spends a lot of […]

“can you believe it”

I heard another “can you believe it” wedding story the other day. A good friend shared that she was thrilled to be invited to a destination wedding in Italy. One of those once in a lifetime events for the guests as well as the happy couple and this was a no expense spared celebration. Of […]


Ok, yes, we all heard the statistics released this week, more than 50% of US women ages 18-45 are not married. The highest ever…we are catching up Europe where weddings and the institution of marriage have been out of fashion for some time. My UK attorney, likes to refer to the father of her grandchildren, […]

Miss Kitty

I went to visit Miss Kitty today, the Santa Barbara bride’s best friend. I say this because she will help brides and attendants look more shapely than they ever thought possible. Her Santa Barbara store Purrmission sells the very finest lingerie, and has just what is needed to tuck and lift both body and spirits. […]